Capital Fund

S.H.E.F Capital Fund

Sustainability, Health Tech, Emerging Tech and Fin Tech projects are the focus of the S.H.E.F fund.

We work closely with a partner who is a not for profit to assist businesses that have the drive, capability and an outstanding product.

S.H.E.F is not an accelerator or incubator but a bespoke assessor and validator of projects. We offer a full package to improve and fine tune your business plan, financials, undertake a thematic analysis and assist with your pitch deck .

Our coaches/mentors work in pairs directly with the Founder/s. One coach has strong industry knowledge while the other is highly experienced in business. They are apt to play good cop, bad cop to ensure you can stand up to scrutiny – be prepared to be challenged.

There is a strong possibility that during the coaching/mentoring sessions, suggestions will be made to potentially change certain things in your business. These changes are necessary to improve your chances to be funded.

You will be offered the best coaching advice and tools in order to prepare you for the pitch.

We believe in your success, so if you have a strong team and advisors, good foundations and something unique to offer potential investors in our core areas, sustainability, health tech, emerging tech and fin tech, then we can recommend you to our not for profit partner. It is their decision after being approached, as to whether they have an interest to take this further, we have no control over this.

Our invaluable global network of InCountry partners deliver a range of services that can value add to your business should you require additional assistance.

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