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Ambassador Positions

The Advisory Network comprises a global network of people who partner to provide services for clients, whether they be in cybersecurity, emerging technology or digital transformation for government, health, transport, financial or other industry group. Our core focus is supported by a range of services.

We are looking for volunteer Ambassadors who will promote The Advisory Network and brand our services in their country, working with us to achieve our goals and yours. In return we will provide business mentoring, network opportunities and friendship.

As we grow, we anticipate remuneration will be considered for this role, but as a start up it is the right candidates we are searching for, to represent us and be our voluntary Ambassadors.

What makes a successful Ambassador?

Ambassadors should be passionate, considerate teammates, driven managers, and courageous leaders.

Driven by a desire to succeed and committed to the ideal of branding ‘they walk the talk’ for The Advisory Network, in their community. They need to be open to opportunities and take the initiative to build long term relationships.


Working closely with the In Country partner, Ambassadors will pursue business leads through their networks, social media and events for The Advisory Network.

Committed to The Advisory Network vision, mission and values, the role of the Ambassadors includes-

* Scheduling, organizing, and promoting monthly in-person meetings and events on behalf of The Advisory Network
* Sourcing presenters for meetings that add value to attendees
* Sourcing sponsors to help pay for venue, food or drinks
* Organising once a month networking Founders drinks at a local venue
* Recruiting and growing the membership of the group
* Recruiting assistants to assist you grow the local leadership team to run the chapter sustainably in coordination with In Country Partners
* Cultivating local opportunities and partnerships on behalf of The Advisory Network
* Creating Hackathons linked with Government organisations to solve a problem
* Assisting with representation for businesses from other countries seeking business traction in your country.
* Creating opportunities for The Advisory Network by affiliating with local Investors and Capital to assist clients of The Advisory Network.
* Communicating regularly with the In Country partner and management team.


* Be an innovative out of the box thinker
* Accept to be mentored or receive advice from our In county partner
* Have access to or wide ranging business networks or ability to develop
* Be a strong communicator who enjoys networking
* Provide friendly customer service (both verbal and written) to clients
* Understand the challenges of and working with diverse audiences
* Have qualities of personal integrity, flexibility and show accountability
* Effectively manage and prioritize tasks
* Brand The Advisory Network to your community and followers


  • Experience in business, technical or startup founder
  • Proficiency in graphics, google including Gmail, Drive, and Apps for Business, web and podcasts
  • Experience in event planning and/or community management, group facilitation


  • Ambassadors should be able to commit approximately 20 hours per month. We also offer mentoring to our Ambassadors which needs to be taken into consideration regarding hours they commit to.
  • This role is designed to be flexible

If The Advisory Network information has appealed to your inner sense of excitement and purpose, then please complete the survey form. Once completed we will schedule a skype or zoom call as a follow up.