“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.”

Steve Jobs

Technology has both tangible and intangible benefits allowing our needs to be met with greater ease. 

Emerging technologies today and in the future, will impact every industry from agriculture to health, from architecture to retail, law, education, government, transport and music to name a few.

Automation is profoundly impacting businesses and organisations with speed becoming the key to accelerating activities, processes and models. Many of the challenges facing decision makers today are those that affect business operations such as cost control, revenue generation, security and compliance.  We can assist traditional enterprises leverage powerful business solutions.

The Advisory Network is a network of quality partners who-

  • share the same vision and values – to assist and support our clients.
  • understand your pain points – we are business owners ourselves.
  • create efficiencies, driving opportunities for increased revenue – through technology.
  • provide the foundations to design, build or integrate your applications – through our stable of products or newly created ones, to meet your needs.

Our products are built to enable and empower organisations to control and facilitate their IT infrastructure either on premise, cloud or hybrid.

Our clients include banks, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality and government organisations. We have offices in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia and are working with other Asia countries and looking to expand to the Middle east, Africa and Latin America.

THE ADVISORY NETWORK offers its clients:

  • Blockchain platforms – boost IT productivity and service quality
  • Cybersecurity – Identity Protection, Penetration Scanning with Compliance Reporting, Biometrics, Customer And Business Onboarding with AML checks, Secure Video Calling
  • Source code auditing from system and for security
  • Unified messaging and API creation
  • AI/ML/DL based automation, optimisation and efficiency improvement
  • Payments for Visa, Master, Amex, JCB and now Crypto Stellar also.
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Big to Fast Data
  • Graphic design
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Websites/Apps
  • Video production- animation, motion graphic design, live-action and hybrid

 Read the testimonials of success from our Network Partner

Analytics and system design are very much core of this team. Commercially viable and technically feasible, innovation makes Blue Bricks team this a good team to work with. We loved the pre and post implementation experience. Sameer Joshi CEO Datanova. USA 

We have worked with BlueBricks for over 24 months plus for multiple solutions including cybersecurity and payments. There is always 100% dedication from both business and technical team to ensure we are happy in terms of system features, functionality and performance. We highly recommend them. Chhoeng Vanna. VP Product Development Division ACLEDA Bank. 

We were not sure if a 20+people company can do such a level of innovation so we gave BlueBricks a difficult security project at small scale. They did a great job and now we can work with them in future on more and many projects. Encik Anuar, Telecom Malaysia.

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