“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Les Brown

The sharing or having certain values, attitudes, interests in common, helps create a community.

When people assemble, whether in person such as at workshops, conferences, meetups, through e-conferences such as Google hangouts, Zoom or Skype or in chat groups such as Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Messenger or BBM, they can be located in different global locations, but through their social interaction, a ‘sense of community’ is formed which influences and can fulfil the needs for an emotional connection.

The emerging technologies and tokens associated with Blockchain, have created a new community vocabulary FOMO, HODL, MOON, ICO, STO, immutability, consensus, IOT, miner, altcoins, multisig and more. Being in the know, when communicating with others in itself creates community, as you share a common understanding.

Community is also about the team, and how they collaborate together. Remote teams are becoming the norm as tech developers can be based in Asia, data scientists in Russia, subject matter experts anywhere and often they are freelancers who have English as a second language. Issues of diversity, communication, time zones, gender come to the fore as the different parties attempt to work together.

Collaboration is the new norm and a focal point, however it is not something that is often taught. In house teams have the opportunity to socialise, train together but remote teams often have to learn to work with others they do not know, from a distance.

The Advisory Network is a network of quality partners who-

  • share the same attitude, interests and values – to assist and support our clients.
  • are located globally so understand the issues facing remote teams.
  • are diverse, speak multiple languages and collaborate regularly to make projects successful

Our partners are located across the globe in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia, Africa

THE ADVISORY NETWORK offers its clients:

  • Event representation
  • Connections to relevant parties in certain countries
  • In country research
  • Creation of a global HR policy to meet the needs of the team
  • Sustainability certification for companies to show good corporate citizenship and alignment with community values for the betterment of the planet -triple bottom line.

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