Experienced Team

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Les Brown

The sharing or having certain values, attitudes, interests in common, helps create a common bond and increases trust.

This common bond can be achieved in person such as in the workplace where collaborate is often a key focus or online.

Remote teams are becoming the norm as tech developers can be based in Asia, data scientists in Russia, subject matter experts anywhere from Australia to Africa, Europe to the Middle east and beyond. Often they are freelancers who have English as a second language. Issues of diversity, communication, time zones, gender come to the fore as the different parties attempt to work together. This has been more apparent than ever before as COVID has spread and people’s lives change to accomodate the new environment.

The Advisory Network is a network of quality partners who-

  • share the same attitude, interests and values – to assist and support our clients.
  • are located globally so understand the issues facing remote teams.
  • are diverse, speak multiple languages and collaborate regularly to make projects successful

Our partners are located across the globe in Asia, Europe, USA, Australia, Africa