Our Network Partners


Technology architect

Hi my name is Vikram and on completion of my degree in Bachelor of Computer Engineering, I commenced working in the area of cybersecurity. My first security product was created in 2001, named Pro-Signer, it was used by President Bill Clinton, USA as a Digital Signature to approve the Digital ACT. Since then, I have focused on enterprise, mobile, and ICT products in the domain of automation, transformation, cyber security identity and data protection.

My  experience spans 20 years and I have built and commercialised 7 new, innovative products for identity protection, automation, cryptography security, risk analytics and mobility and I have 3 published patents in security. My latest passion is AI/Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. I have a development team that works within the emerging technology space in  AI- machine learning, Biometrics, Blockchain and more, and we also focus on digital transformation, helping companies automate their processes to make tasks simpler, using technology.

A serial entrepreneur with 4 successful companies I constantly work to fix today’s real problems and those facing us tomorrow.



Hi my name is Mike and I have 17 years of automations experience, enterprise services management and integration, Cisco network deployment, cyber security threat detection and risk mitigation strategy. I hold an Associate in Management studies and Bachelors in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland.

I am a certified by the internationally accredited organization, ISC2, as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, By ISACA as a Certified Information Security Manager and by EC-Council as a Certified Hacker Forensic Investigator.


Strategy - Blockchain

Hi my name is Susan and I have 20+ years working in various areas of consulting. With degrees in Education, an  MBA and a partial Master in HR I enjoy the challenges in business and finding innovative solutions for clients.  Within Education I have created training programs, lectured and coached other support staff. and worked in primary schools, a technical college and at University – postgraduate and undergraduate levels. I have worked with State and Local government on a range of projects including infrastructure, cultural plans, tourism and hospitality, research and more. As Vice president HR for a hotel group I was responsible for all human resources operations on a global scale from change management through to recruitment.,

More recently I have successfully worked with startups in the Blockchain space providing end to end solutions and assistance in research, strategy and marketing. I see myself as a generalist working across diverse industries and have a strong understanding of business having owned and operated my own in Tourism/Hospitality and Retail. I enjoy diversity of projects and people and have lived in the USA, UK and Indonesia.


International Business

Hi my name is Laurent and I have worked in the banking, construction, real estate markets in various countries around the world. I speak French, English and Swedish and assist companies gain a foothold in international markets, source investment funds and create business plans, investor pitches and assist with sales and marketing efforts.

I enjoy coaching and mentoring clients to find innovative solutions to problems and have degrees in Psychology and a Bachelor in Sales and Finance.


Health Tech - Innovation

Hi my name is Jean Chretien, a neurobiologist and geneticist by training, I have as Ph.D.and an MBA, with extensive knowledge working in Open Innovation, Digital Health solutions ranging from VR/AR, IoT, Telehealth to personalized medicine and drug development.

I have worked in six countries throughout Europe and Asia. My experiences, having lived and worked in these countries allows me to help in the definition, translation and funding of innovative companies and in the sales of products and services in International markets and environments.


Video Production

Hi my name is Anush and i am the founder of a Video marketing/production company. We create catchy commercial videos using different styles such as animation, motion graphic design, live-action and hybrid formats.

We work globally with startups, diverse industries, with new product development and in awareness creation to enhance the marketing efforts of these companies. We personalise each video to meet the needs of our clients, guaranteeing our work, its quality and implementation.


Procurement/Supply Chain

Hi my name is Marcello and I am a solutions designer.  I have worked with the worlds leading brands and talents. With these Fortune 500 companies I deliver results in Procurement, Supply Chain, to Life Sciences, IT, Sustainability and Financial work.  I have also worked in PR, Marketing, Business Development and R&D for the past 22 years.

Markets are global but require a local touch, and it is here that I can help you make a difference and succeed. Whether your company is launching a new product, service needs independent assessment to identify opportunities to expand your sales and operations even further, breaking free from geographical or political barriers. I am ready to meet your needs with the most efficient and cost-effective opportunities.


International Business/Educator

Hi my name is Stuart and I am a business developer and educator currently lecturing at Huizhou University, China, within the department of Economics and Management. I also am the Head of Department for a linguistics development program for 16,000 students.

My interests lie in the development of online teaching platforms, supporting ethical trade for farming communities and exciting students about critical thinking methods for alternative career paths.

Throughout my career I have secured major business contracts, led organization change programs and mentored leaders in EMEA plus more recently in China. I have a Master of Science Degree in Management, TESOL Cert. with Trinity College London and 6 Sigma Cert. with GE Corporation.

Sonny. S.

Smart Cites / Government Relations

Hello – my name is Sonny and I am a qualified Town Planner / Project Manager with over 25 years experience in land use planning, policy development, transport and infrastructure, sustainability and research. My roles have included the development of various industry plans, policies and strategies and the management of complex projects to enable effective implementation. I have an excellent understanding of the Government’s processes and statutory compliance for achieving strategic and statutory planning approvals and thereafter implementation.
The world is changing very quickly and our communities need to respond quickly to socio-economic and technological challenges. Managing urban areas has become one of the most important development challenges for the future. Urban areas, undergoing transformation into smart cities have challenges. A common vision for urban areas is to become efficient, responsive community hubs of the future which are safe, secure, efficient and sustainable; where all infrastructure and built form are designed, constructed and managed using advanced, integrated materials, sensors, electronics, and networks; and interfaced with computerised systems of databases, tracking, and decision making algorithms. I am an advocate for strong, sustainable, adaptable and transformative communities.


Financial Accounting, Analysis & Planning

Hi my name is Murali and I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting, am a certified Cost Accountant, a qualified Chartered Accountant and a certified Corporate Financial Planner and Analysis professional. I am also certified in Risk and Information Systems control and have a certificate from MIT in a Fintech course undertaken.
My area of expertise lies in Outsourced CFO services;Strategic business advice;Creating financial models, consulting on automation and outsourcing; Advising on acquisitions and divestures; Performing valuations and tailored financial advice.



Hi my name is Christian and I have over 20 years of experience within ICT, project management, devising IT strategy, communicating to and influencing decision makers and stakeholders, presenting to staff, management, C-level employees, and at board level. My experience is within a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Mining Support Services, Equipment Rental, Legal, Retail, Accounting, Engineering, Food Distribution and Medical Services.

I have the ability to get the lay of the land quickly, build documentation and hit the ground running; being able to efficiently and effectively prioritise tasks and projects, whilst keeping future goals and requirements in mind.

I deal with difficult and complex ICT environments and am able to quickly assess what can be utilised as part of the implementation and what cannot. Recently I have undertaken training in implementing hyper-converged solutions for companies, done server migrations offsite and into the cloud, and implemented core networking infrastructure for a wireless internet service provider.

Additionally I am undertaking a Masters in Cybersecurity to value add to my extensive experience.


Business Design

Hi my name is Sid and I have 15 years + of experience in research, strategy, entrepreneurship and development for the private sector and not for profit organisations. My qualifications received in Brazil, USA and Spain are in, Bachelor of Business (hons), Entrepreneurship and a Masters UNWTO/GTAT High Management in Policy and Strategy. My main skills are related to business design, business strategy, business development, creative thinking, digital transformation and education. I have also been been responsible for the implementation and development of the strategic plan examining marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, advising on, drafting and enforcing policies and processes then follow-up sales activity and business model design for companies.


Lean - Commercialisation

Hi I am Ashley an innovation IT specialist and professional trainer.

I have a PhD in Computer Science and Software Engineering with 25 years experience in IT, and 10 years in innovation. I have won awards and recognition from the ICT industry, academia, the federal government, and students for the quality of my teaching and professional training.

I have knowledge, skills and experience with modern enterprise software and IT strategy and architecture, including microservices, EDA, CQRS/ES, CI&CD, as well as cloud deployment, cloud native applications, and agile and lean approaches to software development.

I also specialise in the commercialisation of innovation and building innovation pipelines, especially those using Lean Startup with Customer Development, within organisations from any sector, of any size, and any level of maturity (including but not limited to startups)



Hi my name is Kellena and I am the founder of a recruitment agency specializing in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Unlike other agencies, we do not spread ourselves across multiple sectors and industries. We are specialists. We have knowledge of the sector enabling us to understand our clients needs and source top talent. We are responsive and highly selective with our candidates.

I have a Bachelor of Economics and an MBA and am a seasoned recruiter having worked in this industry for the past 11 years. I have value added as a graduate recruiter for IBM, for Hewlett Packard for 8 years in senior positions in Europe and across Asia and in developing new technology markets such as IPTV.



Hi my name is Farrell and I have 15+ years professional experience ranging from cyber security, digital brand protection, trademark solutions, social media management, and blockchain – mainly working in a consultative sales and international corporate relations capacity.

I hold a Bachelors of Technology (Network Engineering) from Curtin University and a certified CCNA with an undergraduate thesis on “White-hat Hacking”

I currently provide consultancy and strategy around areas that I have worked in, partnering with clients to develop effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions. Experienced in dealing with SME’s, CxO’s, local and federal governments across APAC and Oceania.


Community Engagement

Hi my name is George  and I am the MD of  a community management firm. With a background in programming, sales, marketing, and financial tech, I help brands build communities from startups to corporate.

Voted one of “Australia’s Best Community Builders” by Pause Fest in 2017, I have helped catalyse communities in 40+ cities for the Bitcoin Cash Fund, and created the world’s first Cultural Animation Film Festival. Additionally I host a podcast called the It Will Come Show.