We are a curious species. We want to know what makes us tick. For centuries we have tried to control our destiny, our health, wealth and the quality of our lives. We are pleasure and solution seeker beings.

After years of trying to manage our destiny by commanding and exploiting the earth, the world around us, and other people, more recently science has moved to the territory inside our body. As we are aware, science has feverishly and curiously explored our genes. Once we can diagnose the entire sequence of our DNA, we will know which genes are mutated and/or are damaged and how to correct the sequence. That means we can reach the goal of healing our bodies from the source.  Finally, we won’t play hide and go seek in our race for longevity and radiant health.

Many medical systems are trying to address our wellbeing, but all of them whether homeopathy, naturopathy, allopathic or ayurveda all deal with generalized assumptions about our type of issue and how to stop, heal, or address it. Currently, medicine is still working from the outside in, rather than from the inside out. One method currently used to heal is numbing the symptoms. Another, uses the trial and error of various medications to stop the symptoms. Finally, this system goes to war, killing cells or cutting out pieces of the body, a scheme familiar to us historically from war tactics of burn and conquer between countries.

The attention on our genes is, of course, exciting. Correcting the gene sequence can address our biological health from the source, from the inside out. Science is in a rush to find ways to give humanity this information.

As with the freedom to communicate over the net, this progress is accompanied with security and privacy issues. Just as it was with AIDS patients a number of years ago, the danger of employers or mates finding out our illnesses makes us vulnerable to biases and injustice.

How do we make sure that we have access to this life saving information and no other person can have access to it without our permission?

As we have found from the data breaches through internet hacking, that is a major concern as we hasten to arrive at the source of our biological being: our DNA.

Dnatix is an Israeli startup company experienced with security and breach prevention on the ethernet. It has created a secure system that addresses these DNA issues. They offer an individualized friendly and inexpensive way for a customer to receive specific gene data physically, emotionally, or mentally, while maintaining that database securely. They offer to keep the data private and unavailable for sale, hacking or sharing without the individual’s agreement. This is the paradigm shift we have longed for in our work with mental and physical heath.

In our political and technological atmosphere with its’ emerging right- winged politics and dictatorships, it is particularly important to find an impenetrably secure way of keeping such data, so it will be only used for the benefit of humanity and not to do damage or control others.

Dnatix addresses our most important human needs: control over quality of our wellbeing with safety and privacy. Go Dnatix!!!

Written by : Dr Pratibha Eastwood